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Sankta Lucia

Born in Syracuse during the late third century, Sankta Lucia is one of the earliest Christian Saints.

Lucia was born into a wealthy family and had taken a vow of chastity to serve Christ. She is credited with many brave and charitable acts, including bringing food to Christians who hid in the catacombs to escape persecution. To light her way in the dark tunnels, she wore a candlelit wreath on her head, leaving her arms and hands free to carry more supplies.

Lucia’s mother, not a Christian herself and not aware of her daughter’s vow, arranged a marriage for her with a wealthy Roman man who was an unbeliever. Lucia was able to delay the marriage successfully for three years. When her mother was miraculously healed from a serious illness, she converted to Christianity and released her daughter from the marriage pledge. In revenge, the spurned bridegroom reported Lucia as a Christian to the governor of Syracuse. Knowing of her vow of chastity, the governor tried to force her into a brothel, but miraculously, his guards could not move her, even when they hitched her to a team of oxen. On the spot, the guards attempted to burn her alive, but the wood they heaped up around her would not catch fire. They then used their swords to kill her.

Lucia is remembered in Sweden each December 13th as the oldest daughter in the home enters her parent’s dark bedroom bearing saffron buns (Lussekatter) and coffee. She enters slowly, singing, wearing a white gown, symbolizing Lucia’s purity. The gown is tied with a red sash, symbolizing her martyrdom. Lucia’s head is crowned with a lingonberry wreath lit with candles representing the light and hope she brings as her brothers and sisters (also dressed in white) join her in this beautiful ancient tradition.

The Sankta Lucia Collection is the 26th in the David Oscarson series of Limited Edition Writing Instruments, Ancient symbols of Lucia are represented in the Sankta Lucia design, including her white robe and red sash on the barrel, a Roman sword for the clip and the Roman Numeral XIII at the base of the barrel. Contrasting smoke and flames are featured on the cap in guilloche and hot enamel. The lingonberry wreath and candles are depicted on the gripping section and top of the cap and a Diamond-set burst of light appears at the top of the crown.

Weight 1 lbs
David Oscarson Type

Modern Roller Ball, Traditional Fountain Tip


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