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About Us


I have spent 45+ years and thousands of hours in showrooms, retail stores, and trade shows to uncover the answer to the question “what makes a product the best of the best?”.

The Bradshaw Forbes luxury collections presented on this website are the result of a lifetime of enjoyable work. My goal is to provide you with a group of fragrance, menswear, accessories, and gifts that I have found share the most important commonality – they are the “Best of the Best.”


Many of the brands in our shop are not household names. Celebrities do not advertise these products. Instead, each piece has been introduced to the market by a skilled artisan who truly understands their craft.’s responsibility is to give you an online experience that mirrors shopping in a friendly luxury specialty store. With each selection, you are introduced to the artisan and their passion for producing the best product possible. Included is complete product information. will expedite your shopping time and provide you with the “Best of the Best” in unique products.

Stop back from time to time. Be assured we will continue looking for new brands that deserve to be added to our site and that they will always be the “Best of the Best.”

All the best to you,

Bradshaw Forbes