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Alfred Bernhard Nobel

Man of Power, man of Peace… As the inventor of Dynamite, he revolutionized the technology of destruction, yet his philanthropic and humanistic influences, along with his name live on, reaching far beyond his short life of sixty three years. Few in history are revered as Alfred Nobel and his numerous inventions; together they changed the world and his legacy will endure through the ages as a companion to his eternal tribute to peace.

In reference to his invention of dynamite, Nobel wrote “I should like to be able to create a substance or machine with such a horrific capacity for mass annihilation that wars would become impossible forever”. He also wrote: “War is the horror of all horrors and the greatest of all crimes”. He never married and had no children yet in his final will he wrote “Whether or not I am still alive by then does not matter; what… I have given will live on”.

Alfred Bernhard Nobel Collection

The Alfred Bernhard Nobel is the thirteenth in the David Oscarson™ series of Limited Edition writing instruments. Produced in five color variations, each limited to an aggregate production of 63 pieces (including fountain pens and roller balls), the Nobel Collection will stand as a lasting tribute to the sixty three years of Alfred Nobel’s historical life and his enduring influence around the world.

Two divisive elements comprise this Limited Edition that parallel Alfred Nobel’s life: Destruction and Peace. Inspired by his invention of dynamite, this one-of-a-kind collection features an exploding stick of dynamite on the barrel, coupled with a burning fuse while the years 1833 and 1896 rest at its base. The bottom of the barrel emulates a blasting cap (another of Nobel’s inventions) engraved – in Swedish – with the words Varning (Warning) Tändhattar (Blasting Caps) and Fara (Danger). Four levels of Guilloche engraving are employed on the barrel, depicting an explosive blast. Four colors of Hard Enamel are then kiln-fired to the surface of the barrel without separation, merging outward from White to Yellow to Orange to Red.
By sharp contrast, the Nobel cap features a simple repeating pattern of a White Dove: the international symbol for peace. Engraved above is the name of Alfred Bernhard Nobel. Adorning the top of the crown are the unmistakable three crowns of Sweden, most recognized from the top of Stadshuset (City Hall) in Stockholm where each year on December 10th prize winners enjoy dinner and an evening with the King and Queen of Sweden.

Available in: Red, Blue, or Yellow

Weight 1 lbs

Blue, Red, Yellow

David Oscarson Type

Modern Roller Ball, Traditional Fountain Tip


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