The Recycled Planet



For too long, the fashion industry has developed and produced garments with no concern for the environmental damage it had been creating. The Recycled Planet makes men’s and women’s fashion outerwear. Using only recycled, repurposed, and sustainable components. Thus, delivering a high-quality, design-driven, and eco-friendly clothing line. You do not need to choose from fashion and performance.


What Matters

The design and manufacturing of fashionable collections in an ethical, honest, and educated way by constantly searching for new technologies to create the merchandise more environmentally friendly. Meaning that they only source highly sustainable materials, reducing their carbon footprint for the best of our world and our future generations.


What They Do

They work with partners all around the globe, sourcing fabrics and components made of recycled and repurposed materials. Our goal? To continually push the envelope in making environmentally-friendly fashion. The Recycled Planet is constantly seeking new technologies and fabrics that hope to cut back our carbon footprint. All while allowing the world a chance to experience and wear the styles they design.


How They Work

The Recycled Plant employs extensive sourcing to search out the best sustainable components. Utilizing them to make the most fashionable items in our collections. They are always searching for ways to create their products, packaging, and delivery the most environmentally friendly available.

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