Golden Bear Luxury Outerwear


In 1922 Golden Bear operated a small factory in San Francisco making jackets so enduring and comfortable that they just got better with age. The people who wore them loved them so much,that parting with a Golden Bear coat would have seemed like losing a friend.

By the 1960s Golden Bear added new styles, taking in worn jackets for repairs, clothing anyone interested in that old, timeless look of San Francisco. They started producing Varsity and motorcycle jackets to join the classic bombers and dockworker coats.

Owner Berek Winter greeted everyone and anyone who came through the door, ushered them through his office and into the showroom, where his daughter Schirley began working sales in 1972. She's still there today.

Golden Bear is proud to offer a legacy of durable, quality outerwear—coats that will last as long as they have.