Cardinal of Canada

My promise to to only invite outerwear companies that truly understand their craft and can deliver the “best of the best” has been hard to fulfill.

When you study Cardinal of Canada's history you will easily understand why we are featuring them. Every coat is special: using fabrics, styling and features unparalleled by any other maker.

Cardinal of Canada was founded by Sam Ray in 1938. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of Canada, the old-world charm of Montreal and the rigorous traditions of European tailoring, he set out to create the most luxurious and meticulously crafted cashmere topcoat.

While other manufacturers were moving to machine construction, Sam insisted on quality and preserved tailoring techniques such as canvas basting and setting sleeves by hand. This very dedication persists in such styles as Cardinal's Sant-Pierre and Sant-Paul overcoats to this day. Because of Sam's commitment to the highet quality, a Cardinal coat is synonomous with luxurious style, comfort and warmth.

A Cardinal coat gets better with age. When artisans design and manufacture your coat, you can count on years of pride in wearing it.