Rodd & Gunn


Why we picked Rodd & Gunn: If you consider yourself a “modern man,” a man who makes sure he's always on top of updated traditional clothing, you will love this new line out of New Zealand. I think Rodd & Gunn will be the next big collection for specialty stores because you can buy all you need within this collection. Rodd & Gunn offers fashions that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come.

Rodd & Gunn is synonymous with quality, while taking its inspiration from New Zealand's picturesque landscape. Rodd & Gunn's philosophy is to create classic garments imbued with contemporary style and design them to stand the test of time.

The result is a wide range with integrity sewn into every seam and quality garments which will remain favorites for years to come. The range is diverse, and the benchmark for every Rodd & Gunn product is uncompromising quality.