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I have invited Ledbury Shirt Makers to be the Luxury Shirt brand on our site because the men that started the company represent that true American Entrepreneurial spirit that we love.

While at Oxford University Paul Trible and Paul Watson wanted to start a company and from day one they wanted their company to be the “Best of the Best” To do that they each spent years to learn the skill of building shirts from the best shirk makers in the world. Together they developed a true artisan skill level and   they understand the craft of building a great shirt.

Frankly, we had the option to pick other luxury brands, but I feel that Ledbury has a Philosophy that will deliver to you the fabrics, fits and shirt-maker ability you deserve. If you invest in luxury shirts Ledbury deserves your business.

--Gordon Forbes-- 


Look Back to Move Forward Part 02 / Shirtmaking from Ledbury on Vimeo.