Agave Denim



Agave Denim was founded in 2002 in Santa Monica, California. What sets Agave apart from other denim producers is their commitment to creating beautiful, inspired and authentic denim products using only the highest quality materials. All denim jeans and cut & sewn knits are handcrafted in California.

Created by Jeffery Todd Shafer, The Agave style is defined by inner confidence and the ability to enjoy the simple beauty of life. Agave Style is effortlessly cool and elegantly sexy.

Designed in Portland and handcrafted in California, Agave is a "West Coast Life" brand committed to making wonderful and inspired denim products in a sustainable way using the highest quality craftsmen and materials.

Agave makes products they love to wear. They manufacture in an ethical way, whenever possible in the USA. They pay their partner suppliers and associates live-able wages. Their goal is to have fun every day and to enjoy life... and make amazing jeans and sportswear.