Scott Barber


Scott Barber founded his namesake sportswear brand Scott Barber in 1994 to pursue his passion for uncompromising design and craftsmanship. From then on, his timeless, casually refined collections have drawn inspiration from the adventurous spirit of the mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado.

In Scott’s own words: "I’ve always admired well-designed, beautifully-made things, like vintage sports cars, motorcycles and airplanes... there’s a marked difference between the ordinary and the exceptional.”


Today, the Scott Barber brand represents more than just style, it represents a lifestyle. In all aspects of life, Scott chose the “experience” over convenience, the “memorable” over the mundane, and the “sublime” over the standard. He measured value in years, not dollars. Only time separates what you own from what you treasure.

Tragically, Scott passed away from a car crash in April 2020. We remain inspired by Scott’s passion for living and honor his legacy in every article of clothing they make.

Scott Barber. Live Well.

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