Hook & Albert Black Leather Garment Weekender Bag

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Hook & Albert's Black Leather Garment Weekender Bag is a timeless duffle, with garment bag functionality, and has a bold front look.

Designed for the overnight trip, weekend getaway, or business trip, the Garment Weekender is the perfect bag for the person on the move.

The exterior of the bag is built with high-quality top-grain leather and it's loaded with storage compartments for easy accessibility.

Hook & Albert's Garment Weekender meets domestic & international carry-on requirements.

Length: 55cm / 22in
Width: 22cm / 9in
Height: 33cm / 13in
Weight: 2.5kg / 5.6lbs

Garment Section:
Width of 52cm / 20.5in.
When packed, it can comfortably fit a 46 suit.

Garment Weekender - Summer 2018 from HOOK & ALBERT on Vimeo.