Volnay Perfumes

Volnay was founded in 1919 by Germaine Madeline Duval, an adventurous woman: the first female passenger to fly over the Andes. On a ship bound for New York, she met the man who would become her second husband, René Duval. From that encounter was born a beautiful love story: the Volnay Perfume House.

These elegant and sophisticated lovers combined a keen sense of excellence and prestige with a great sense of marketing. And this beautiful, resolute lady proved to be a true business woman ahead of her time.

Very quickly, the perfume house radiated throughout the world of elegant and beautiful people. From London, Brussels and Milan to Buenos Aires, Sydney, Melbourne, Montreal and New York, the press bestowed upon Volnay the sublime tribute: “The most luxurious perfume in Paris in the most beautiful location in the world.”