Artphere Dulles Tech-Legionnaire Backpack Briefcase

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Artphere's Tech-Legionnaire Backpack Briefcase brings the office bag into the 21st century.

The Tech-Legionnaire has a beautifully designed streamlined structure which creates a surprisingly large container. Shoulder straps provide flexibility that will allow the vertical design to convert to a backpack, when not using the full grain wood handle.

The lightweight arch system provides stability to a durable and shock resistant inner compartment. The exterior is constructed from only the highest quality Japanese high tech leather with a carbon finish.
This is a leather with outstanding physical properties -- a strong protective shell that is scratch resistant and repels water penetration.

The Tech-Legionnaire will become an essential travel companion for business leaders who require form and function as an extension of their style.

Please note:
As leather is a natural material, each bag varies slightly in texture and color—and has a character all its own.

L 13.39" x W 3.74" x H 14.96"


  • 3-way (briefcase / backpack / shoulder bag) style bag with detachable shoulder straps
  • Water Resistant
  • Japanese Leather
  • Polyester lining
  • Large compartment, durable, and shock resistant
  • One touch opening system with additional key security
  • Foldable wooden handle