David Oscarson Pens

David Oscarson has been creating luxury fountain pens since 2000 when he launched his eponymous brand with the limited edition Henrik Wigstrom Trophy pen collection. Since then, he has created numerous limited edition pen collections – four of which have been the recipients of the Robb Report’s annual Best of the Best award, and the prestigious Readers’ Choice Award for the Jacques deMolay collection – each one a personal tribute to the art of writing.

“The biggest challenge today is helping people remember what a signature means: that it is an extension of one’s self,” says Oscarson. “Much is electronic today, including communication, but I always prefer talking on the phone to texting, and visiting in person to the telephone – old-fashioned, maybe, but much richer, and in my mind, much more rewarding.”

He takes this same mindful approach to the production of his pens. The use of hand-rendered guilloche and enamel, traditional art forms also seen in watchmaking, are emblematic of the brand, and Oscarson takes great care in keeping their quality pure. For example, he makes it eminently clear that the metal parts of his pens are guilloche, as opposed to stamped, since the resulting pattern reflects light in just the right way. Similarly, Oscarson uses exclusive enameling techniques to enrobe his pens as opposed to more cost-effective methods whose results do not meet his standards.

“It is a painstaking multi-step process requiring hours of grinding, applying, firing, filing, and polishing to achieve the layer of kiln-fired glass that covers the engraved body of the pen,” explains Oscarson. “We use no epoxies, resins, or other so-called ‘soft enamels’ in this process.”

“My favorite part of the business,” he shares, “is seeing an idea or concept become a real, ‘living’ thing.”