Bradshaw Forbes is proud to introduce a new offering in our top-of-the-line luggage.

Since it was founded in 1877, Hartmann has been a leader in the travel goods industry. Today Hartmann proudly crafts the finest quality luggage and leather goods to meet diverse and ever-changing travel needs.

Throughout its history, Hartmann has led the way in innovative design and outstanding quality in carrying bags. Always viewing luggage as a veritable fashion accessory as well as a necessity, Hartmann creates gorgeous yet practical trunks and Pullmans for steamliner and railway travel and has developed smaller, fashionable suitcases designed specifically for travel on new commercial jets

Hartmann has always been the brand of choice for discerning travelers. The Hartmann customer appreciates stylish design and the finest materials, demands practical functionality, and truly respects American heritage.

Bradshaw Forbes has partnered with Hartmann to offer you, as always, The Best of the Best.