Beginning a tradition Yuri Co. Ltd, a family operated bag manufacturer created bags or suitcases for world renown name brands.

Keiichiro Yuri would go on to create a brand of his own --Artphere-- that would "breathe beauty into function." Yuri, an artist in his own right, had an idea for a bag specifically designed to fit a sketchbook and paintbrushes. He then designed the concept, produced it and began filling a need for artists that were traveling to Toyooka --the City of Bags -- to capture the rich landscape.

In 2009, Yuri revolutionized the design of Artphere's signature bag by using modern 3D technology, ushering centuries of bag making into a new era without forsaking ancient techniques of craftsmanship.

Dubbed a bag for the future, these bags officially came to America eight years after their conception.

Artphere believes their products transcend time and have a beauty to move the soul. These are bags that bring passion and joy into your life. Artphere is the premiere bag collection for the individualist, no other bag molds to personal style quite like these. With over 50 years of master craftsmanship, and a deep sense of unique expression, Artphere has perfected the art of fusing beauty with function.

Bradshaw Forbes is proud to partner with Artphere to bring you the bags for the future.