Hilts-Willard Glove Co.


The Hilts-Willard Glove Co. was founded in 1878 in Gloversville, New York. The new company based their deerskin tanning techniques on those used by the Mohawk Indians. By 1878, 90% of America's gloves were made by Hilts-Willard.

By the 1920s the company claimed many of the country's finest haberdasheries as customers, as well as most major department stores.

While the methods and techniques of glove making may have changed over the years, in keeping with the latest technologies available, the commitment of the Hilts-Willard Glove Co. to excellence and perfection has not.

The Hilts-Willard promise says it all: "Like old friends, they wear well."

Bradshaw Forbes is proud to partner with Hilts-Willard to bring you the finest gloves available in the world.

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